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The Beauty and the beast

Beauty and the beast
On Wednesday the 5/6 class went to see the production of The Beauty And The Beast performed by Emmaus College. The beauty and the beast play was surprisingly good. I like all the lights and sound effects the most. It was held at the Nunawading Civic Center and there were a few more schools there.


YouTube, The third most downloaded app in the app store. YouTube is a form of social media. YouTube allows you to share videos you make. The people who watch the videos can like comment and share that video. There is another thing that people can do and that is called subscribing. Subscribing is like saying I like this person’s video’s so I am going to subscribe to them. When you subscribe you can see there channel and view all of their latest uploads. As a subscriber you are promoting that channel as each channel has a subscriber count and the more subscribers you have the more famous you are.