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Student Blogging Challenge #8

This week Sue invites you to imagine you have just turned 18, left high school and deciding if you will go onto university. What will you do for the next year? Many people will travel the world, working in lots of different countries and learning about cultures that are of interest to you.

When I turn 18 and leave high school I would love to travel around the world and see that countries cutler, traditions and there life stile.

Why I chose the countries culture:

I chose the subject of country culture because different countries have different ways of doing things and most of them are interesting. For E.G: In some countries they sit on a low table for the meals.

Why I chose the countries traditions:

I like to see different countries traditions, there can be fun and very interesting. When I say traditions I also mean days that they celebrate but other countries don’t like America, They celebrate the fourth of July but most Australians don’t.

Why I chose the  countries life style:

I deiced that for the final thing that I would like to experience is there life style or there way of living. I quite like this category because some countries are more wealthy than others. So when I travel the world I would like to experience what they expiration every day of there life.