My passion [simulators]

Hello, I have a pretty big passion for simulators. Simulators are basically

a video game that makes you feel like you are in it. Like if it is a car simulator

it will have close to real life physics and will react like a car would in

real life. One of the simulators that I play is called Euro Truck Simulator.

It is a European truck simulator. One of the features of a simulator is AI.

AI is basically a computer controlled person or vehicle. They are put it the

game to make it feel more real.


This is the game cover.

I like simulators because some of them can calm you down and they make you feel

like you are in the game. I have got a steering wheel for the game and it looks like this:

logitech wheel

5 thoughts on “My passion [simulators]

  1. Hi Fergus,

    Great to see you managed to get a flag counter widget and the Class Blog widget on your sidebar. I look forward to your future posts. Simulator games are interesting and I think many of them can teach us things as well. I do worry about the ones that are violent.


  2. Hi Fergus, you have a very interesting passion for simulators. It is fun, they use these games to learn new skills such as driving. Can you think of any other industries that might use simulators to “teach” about other skills people may need? I would be interested to know if you think you could have a future in developing new simulators? Thanks for a great blog

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