About me

Hello, I am here to tell you a bit about myself.


I play basketball as an out of school sport

I am one of the blue sport captains at our school.


As a hobby I play video games, one of the video game

that I play is called Minecraft (made by mojang)

And occasionlly I make video games.

I also love my ICT [computer skills] and I think that I am a bit of a computer whiz.

2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Fergus! My name is Piers. I found your blog in interests which I saw ‘Video Games’. I read this post and I saw that you are a bit of a computer whiz in your opinion. I am a bit of a computer guy too and I love video games as well. Minecraft is on my favorite list but I also love Super Mario. I also love simulator games too. My reason is you get to role play as someone you would love. If you want to check out my blog it’s down here: http://piersv.global2.vic.edu.au/ 🙂

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